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CAM Modules

The stage of  Computer Aided Manufacturing is a particularly important one in the process of industrialization. It consists in describing on the appropriate software, the machining process, so as to be able to drive the numerically controlled machine tool.
The required modules for the Robot Livet are the following :
Every CAM - driven machine requires a Post-processor so as to  turn  the CAM file into a numerical control language .The writing of the  post-processor will have to be particularly accurate  in order to  avoid having to re-write it manually NC code.
For an efficient CAM , you need to define the configuration of the software on account of the machines and the tools available in the workshop.
The best thing to do is to model the machines and the positionning and clampng device into CAM, to define the standart tool – shop for each machine and to set the cutting condition by default.