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Design of the Base of the Robot

The architecture of the robot sits on a line tracker robot type – base . The structure is built between two plates (diameter : 140 mm) braced by motor plates which support DC  motors . The motors receive the wheels which are fixed on the rotor arms. Two stabilizing ballcasters help keep the balance of the robot .
The robot may be fitted with different units : tracking device, obstacles sensors, robotic arm, camera ...
The base also receives the electronic and the energy parts.

1st stage : Design of the motor plate
Draft of the motor plate design (101 Ko)
2nd stage : Design of the wheel
Draft of the wheel design (112 Ko)
3rd stage : Design of the supporting plate
Draft of the supporting plate design (154 Ko)
4th stage : Design of the top plate
Draft of the top plate design (164 Ko)
Result : Robot Base
Draft of the robot base (128 Ko)

Four parts are machined using differents process : EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), milling, turning.

Masse une base
Notes :
With TopSolid, in order to know the mass properties of a particular part, proceed as follows
 : select Attributes context , activate the fonction Design analysis , choose : Physical Informations = Yes and click on the part to analyse.
Depending of the energy solution, we have to add accumulators mass (rather important mass).