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Electronic components

The electronic part of the robot focuses on programmable component called : the PIC ("Peripheral Interface Controller" or "Programmable Integrated Circuit").
The chosen model is a PICBASIC-3D made by COMFILE  technology
  and sold by Lextronic. Compared to the other programmable components, the latter contains a "software layer" that makes it possible for you to code in Basic.
It was selected because  it is easy to code compared to "usual ‘PICS"  which must be coded in C language .

"PICBASIC-3B" Module
Main caracteristics :
- 4 K main memory
- 80 bytes RAM
- 21 I/O ports

- D.I.L 28 pins
Set of components for "PICBASIC-3B/3H"
Includes 20 MHz crystal, several resistors, capacitors ...
Socket for integrated circuit 28 pins
Stamped dual wipe
Low profile open frame
USB download cable for PICBASIC
Dedicated cable for PICBASIC module (WindowsXP™ / Vista™).

PICBASIC-STUDIO is Integrated Development Environment for PICBASIC. It includes Compiler, Editor, Debugger and
etc and has similar usage as a word processor and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
You can get it from COMFILE program CD provided with PICBASIC products or download from download section of www.comfile.co.kr
PicBasic Stio V16 :
pbstv16.zip (Zip, 4.84 Mo)