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http://livet.cim.free.fr/ BTS "Conception & Industrialization in Microtechnics" in the french technical college LIVET of Nantes, France.
http://ecodesign.voiture.rc.free.fr/ Eco-design project of a RC model car.
http://livet.bacmicrotech.free.fr/ Technical A level traning certificate in Microtechnics in LIVET college.
http://www.etigm.com/On line training website with Robot livet support.
http://www.topsolid.fr/  The second CAD/CAM editor in France.
http://forum.topsolid.fr/ French official TopSolid'Forum (International forum : http://forum.topsolid.com)
http://www.editions-eni.fr/ Creator and editor of computer science training tools.
http://www.upgm.org/ French organization of techical teachers in mechanical engeneering "Union des Professeurs de Génie Mécanique"