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Design of the robot : Line Tracking device

Many solutions can be found when it comes to driving the movements of the robot : the easiest one is to store a sequence of movements  of the engines in the microcontroller.
It is also possible to  run  the movements through a radio control.
To take the environment into account,  obstacles sensors , telemetris detectors …. can be added .
When the robot is supposed to move objects according to an itinerary made beforehand, it is interesting to make it follow a line on the ground .

The line tracking module has two optical sencors whose sensititvity  is set by potentiometers.
The detectors transmit their information to the microcontroller which, then adjust or modify the control of the engines according to whether or not a line is spotted by the detectors.
Two LEDs  make it possible to visualise the conditions of the detectors .
A tiny connector allows the contact toward the main card of the robot .

Design of the Line Tracking device
Draft of the Line Tracking device (Pdf, 141 Ko)